Faith Like a Mustard Seed

By Julie Miller

It was just a little mustard seed dream. A seemingly innocuous seed planted in the heart-soil of a suburban mother living her suburban life. But, that little God-planted seed stirring deep in Nancy Blanski’s soul would eventually change everything in her life.

That seed? A yearning to provide sacred space, a sanctuary of silence and solitude, a refuge for those who seek time alone with God, in the heart of the ever-moving, constantly whirling commotion of downtown Minneapolis.

Today, standing strong like all mustard trees do, is a beautifully renovated building off of Nicollet Avenue, which she and her husband, Bill, now call home. And within those walls a sacred space is taking shape.

Soon, the doors will be open...

By sometime early 2016, all who yearn for time set apart will find not only a sweet little retreat space to spend with the Savior in the overnight hours, but, also invitations to classes, group spiritual direction and other settings that will breathe peace deep into your soul.

It all started as a little mustard seed dream...dreamed first by the heart of God for his beloved city folk.  And, because Nancy and Bill faithfully tended and nurtured that dream, sacred space will soon be available to all who seek it.