Prayerful Listening

Come Pursue God

Prayerful listening is a way to engage with God on a more intimate level. To journey in this capacity is an ancient Christian practice called Spiritual Direction. We work together to listen and discern God's voice and leading.

Meeting with a spiritual director monthly provides space to reflect, notice, and respond to God's invitations in the midst of daily life as well as during major life transitions. Our spiritual directors are trained and participate in ongoing direction/peer supervision. We offer 2 forms of prayerful listening:

1. Individual Direction (1 hour)
One-time or ongoing, find clarity and discover God's action and presence in your life. 

2. Group Direction (2 hours)
Groups of 4-6 people commit to 6-12 monthly meetings for the purpose of listening to and reflecting on each other's spiritual journeys. This is a safe space to ask deep questions as we refrain from "fixing" each other and hold private what is shared. We offer co-ed, women's, men's, and ministry leaders' groups.

To schedule an appointment, contact us.